Aryan Mukul Polytechnic College

Aryan Mukul Polytechnic College-Polytechnic college Deoli was established in 2008. It serves as a milestone in the field of art and creativity in Deoli region. The college has been moving forward very promisingly in achieving it's goal of empowering women by making them independent and professional. Till date it has acted like sunrays spreading light in the field of art and design education.

ARYAN MUKUL POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE (AMPC) - the hub of knowledge is rising towards greater heights with every dawn. Under the aegis of Shri Ramesh Mukul, AMPC has been providing seamless and unlimited growth to its students. The Polytechnic institute has been setup with the idea of not just imparting technical know - how with hands-on training to the students after Metric but also providing them with personal and spiritual growth thus giving a competitive advantage to them in this plethora of look-alike institutes.

AMPC Polytechnic is approved by Board of Technical Education, Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Our Polytechnic College is situated at a distance of just 500 meters from Devoli Bus Stand. Ours is the most outstanding institution of all the Polytechnic Colleges in the Tonk region of Rajasthan. We take pride in stating that multi-storied buildings have been constructed for constituting spacious and ventilated lecture halls, well-equipped laboratories and workshops. The lush green campus and trees on the sides of our thoroughfare lend an enchanting view to the onlookers. Todays AMPC Polytechnic Institute is combining its legacy of leadership in technology-based education with an expanding emphasis on the pursuit of discovery. In addition to their commercial successes, innumerable AMPC students, faculty and management have combined vision, analytical capabilities and an entrepreneurial way of thinking to change the world for the better through a wide range of important contributions. The Polytechnic offers a range of career-focused Diploma programmes in Engineering to ensure that students can move seamlessly to the workforce.